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From idea to product on the shelves in six months.

Launch your cannabis brand faster and more efficiently through the HQ Launchpad.

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We believe that when a brand succeeds in California, there is no stopping the momentum and opportunities resulting from the Golden State's market cachet.

California is the golden opportunity, but with significant challenges.

Fragmented supply-chain
Burdensome regulations
Banking & tax restrictions
Time to market
Cost of entry

Meet the HQ California Launchpad

A six month guided program that takes emerging brands from idea to products on the shelf. Powered by top industry experts and vetted partners across the value chain.

Our Process

A proven framework that helps cannabis brands test, iterate, and get to market smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Phase 1


The process begins by digging deep into the brand, the product, the idea, the consumer - with emphasis on the consumer. We believe that every product starts and ends with the consumer. We leverage internal and external data points to develop a clear picture and roadmap that will guide us through the launch.

Phase 2


The second phase is all about development. Go to market strategy, designs, formulations, supply-chain, packaging, sample runs. It's all happening within a four month window where our teams collaborate closely to deliver a product ready for in-store testing.

Phase 3


The key to a successful brand roll out is to validate early and often. The last phase is 30-60 days spent in-store. Our goal is to test our assumptions, acquire user and buyer feedback and prepare the brand to scale throughout California.

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What is HQ?

We are the go-to partner, advisor and enabler for cannabis brands looking to enter, engage, and thrive in the California marketplace.

We've designed a bespoke, equity-free accelerator, to give innovative brands a clear path to entry into California. We're not your run of the mill accelerator. We're hands on. Think of us as your C-suite. We're working with you side by side. Helping you perfect your product and strategy. We're powered by an unmatched network of domain experts & proven partners that harnesses decades of experience, invaluable connections, and rich cultural insights to get you from idea to products on the shelves in six (6) months. As we are equity-free, there is a participation fee that covers all components of the program.

Our domain experts have worked with some of the most iconic brands on earth.

Why HQ?

We give you the tools, support, and infrastructure you need to successfully and efficiently launch and grow in the California market.

(time + money)

Cannabis brands go farther and faster with HQ. It takes the average cannabis company one year and $1.5 million+ to enter the California market. Through our accelerator we are able to shrink that to six months and a fraction of the cost.

(access + distribution)

Unprecedented access to California consumers through our distribution capabilities, network of dispensary pilot partners, and access to our game changing D2C platform.

(community + leadership)

Gain access into a group of like minded founders and executives to share ideas and learn together. Our community is made by our network of domain experts, investors, partners, vendors, and founders. Enjoy one to one's with domain experts, HQ dinners with industry leaders, and a community Slack channel.

(orchestration + optimization)

Our big picture approach ensures that there are no inefficiencies, wasted resources or missteps in getting your brand market-ready. Maximizing every aspect of a brand's launch and growth.

(experience + credibility)

We know how to birth brands. Our network of domain experts have served as C-level executives in some of the most culture-defining brands around the world. We've also built cannabis brands from the days it was considered "grey market".

(innovation + differentiation)

We've partnered with some of the most sophisticated labs in Israel to help develop research backed products that stand out in the marketplace for all the right reasons.

(global influence + reach)

Through a network of global partnerships, we have influence in, and access to, every legal cannabis market that matters. Canada, Israel, UK, Switzerland, South Africa, Brazil, key American states, and beyond.

Our Process

Our program is built around supporting founders and cannabis brands take on the California market in the most efficient way possible.

On a rolling basis we accept and partner with amazing cannabis brands from all over the world. Our application process consists of two simple steps. Step 1 is a simple application (done here). Step 2 is a meeting with the founder and executive team to dig deep into the business to determine if the brand is a right fit.

The program focuses on six core areas.

Data Insights


Product Development


Marketing & Branding

Sales & Distribution

Throughout the process we host dinners and one to one meetings with domain experts in different fields. On a weekly basis you're conferencing with different experts from the HQ team. We're getting you in front of buyers early and often — allowing them to familiarize themselves with your brand and give any input that may be helpful.

By month five we begin in-store testing for the final two months. This is centered around staff training for dispensaries and in-store product demo's. We bring in a team of brand ambassadors and with your support we engage with customers in-store. The data and input collected during these two months will influence how you approach your statewide roll out.

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We believe brands are the key to unlocking the promise of cannabis.

California is the birthplace of a record number of iconic brands and a market that has an immeasurable appetite for innovation and expansion — California is the Holy Grail. But, navigating the California cannabis terrain is difficult and expensive. Regulatory hurdles have created high barriers to entry for new and existing companies to enter the market. This prevents innovation from getting into the hands of the consumer. This is a problem.

We believe that when a cannabis brand succeeds in California, there’s no stopping the momentum and opportunities resulting from the Golden State’s market cachet. So, we've set out to tear down the barriers to entry and establish a clear path to entry through our six month process.

Our mission is to unlock innovation. We're creating cannabis 3.0.